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the artist

I’m Dana. . . owner of Dana Ashlyn Photography, Inc. I’m entering my 16th year in photography, and my 9th year in business for myself. I consider myself very lucky to have a career doing something I truly love. However, the studio does not define my life. Here are some things you may not know about me . . .



I’m a . . .  sister, aunt, friend, animal lover, baby whisperer, and a proud music snob.

I love . . . my sisters, my fur child, my Jeep, the Olympics, popcorn, 90's sitcom reruns, and the color grey.

I’m prone to. . . over-analyzing, pessimism, falling down the stairs while wearing flip flops, and talking to myself when no one is around... and occasionally even when people are around.

I can. . . play guitar and piano- poorly but with heart, change the brakes on my car, multitask with the best of them, and kill a houseplant in T minus 5 minutes and counting .. .