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WOW!I am a bride that was very particular about the style that I wanted my pictures to be. I did not want any of my pictures to be “posey” and to look staged. Let me just tell you, Dana and Jeannie MORE than delivered! They met with me several times before the wedding and really listened to what I wanted. They chose a gorgeous location for our engagement pictures and they of course, turned out BEAUTIFUL!! They are two of the most professional photographers I have met. A lot of times in other weddings I have attended, the photographer is in the way. Dana and Jeannie worked so seamlessly with all of my guests and were never once in the way. I just got my proofs back last night of my wedding day photos and I couldn’t be more pleased! If you are looking for photographers who aren’t “posey,” look no further!! I can assure you, you will be thrilled with the results!!![Melissa W.]

We have used Dana Ashlyn Photography since its inception and Dana prior to that for all of our family photographs. There literally is no other option for our family – we would follow her to the moon! She brings exceptional quality and professionalism to everything she does and is truly extraordinary when it comes to photographing and capturing candid moments with children. My children both genuinely adore her and have always responded exceptionally well to her. She continually goes above and beyond our expectations and takes photography to the next level. Her exceptional customer service and willingness to accommodate her clients sets her apart from others in her field and she has never disappointed us. We have participated in her “Visits with Santa”, Easter shoots with bunnies, ducks, lambs and you name it as well as other special outdoor photo sessions, indoor ballet costume shoots and yearly birthday photos and we are always overwhelmed with her results. Dana is not in this business just to have a business, she truly has a passion for what she does and it shows all over her work. Her creative eye and love for what she does make her a good photographer, but her gentle kindness and genuine attitude toward the people she works with – make her exemplary in her field. We highly recommend her work and proudly display it all over our home and the homes of our families. [Bonnie D.]

Dana Ashlyn Photography is amazing! Dana has photographed my children for over 7 years. I have never been disappointed by her skill. She has an amazing gift of capturing my children's true personalities in her photos. Dana is able to instantly put them at ease, making each session a pleasure for them and me. Her work is superior. Even after moving out of state, we still return to Clayton for birthday portraits with Dana. [Maria B.]

Dana is absolutely incredible! She came out to my house to photograph my twin girls after they were born. I was so relieved that she was willing to come to me -- and the pictures she got were unbelievable! Even though I have to drive 7 kids almost an hour to get to her, I won't use anyone else![Wendy A.]

Dana has been my photographer since my maternity pictures were taken. As amazing as her work has always been, her true skills have been realized as my daughter has entered toddlerhood. Ever try to keep a 14 month old happy and posed in a tutu, or a busy 19 month old still long enough in your yard to get a good picture? I am amazed at what I saw from Dana in these last two sessions. She was patient and kind. The most amazing thing was that she was able to get my busy little girl to do exactly what she needed to do in order to get some amazing pictures--- including big smiles! Dana's ability with the little ones is as amazing as her photography. She has our family as a customer for life. [Lisa P.]

Dana, Dana, Dana... My children LOVE Ms. Dana. I've used other photographers before, and the results were disastrous. Once, my son cried for an hour before even getting his picture taken at another photographer. With Dana, he smiles and laughs and doesn't even realize what he's there for. Dana did a beach sitting for me (after a ridiculous beach sitting with another photographer) and I still cry when I watch the DVD of the pictures! Her work is amazing. I have found that if I let her go and don't give her restrictions, the results exceed expectations every single time![Joy W.]

There are not enough words to express how amazing Dana is. I was referred to her by a friend while I was pregnant. I had never met her, so I called her about a newborn session. She immediately made me feel comfortable and mentioned that we should do some maternity pictures. I was adamant that I didn’t want any reminders of my belly and she said in her sweet southern voice, “let’s just take them, we can’t go back…and if you hate them, we dump them”. So, even though I was hesitant, we set it up. From the moment we walked into her studio, Dana made us feel like FAMILY. She even let us bring our then “only child”--our 70 lb Lab. She was SO patient with us while trying to get the perfect shot of us with a dog that didn’t want to cooperate. The entire time I just figured we would get a few shots worth keeping that we could show to our son one day…but when I saw the proofs, I was speechless. I knew there were going to be a few shots we would LOVE…but every single picture was AMAZING. Every picture was so beautifully composed and it looked as if Dana had put thought into every single camera angle, although she made is seem effortless at the time. I had tears in my eyes looking at them. I felt my little boy moving in my belly knowing at that moment I would cherish these shots Dana took of our “family”, even before he arrived, forever. I even loved the ones of my belly…Dana just has an eye for catching the perfect shot.The day of our newborn portraits, Dana again went above and beyond to make the experience wonderful for our new family. Our son was born right around Thanksgiving, but Dana did not HESITATE to meet us at the studio because she said the BEST shots of newborns are when they are days old....and she was right. The pictures that she took of my sweet baby boy are shots that I will cherish the rest of my life. Dana is wonderful with adults, but it was magical to watch her with a newborn. She took so much time with us in order to get the shots she wanted. We never felt rushed or hurried and she even encouraged us to take some time for me to feed the baby and just relax. Dana was so gentle with my son and it was truly amazing to watch her. EVERY picture she captured that day convey the “sweetness” of a newborn…the tiny feet…the finger and toes…and even the sweet yawn…these images will be treasured for years to come. Our family loves Dana Ashlyn and I would recommend her to ANYONE. Her style is timeless and she had a client for life from our very first session. I can not say enough about her, her professionalism, and her knack of transferring your life’s most precious moments onto film. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if it is a picture by Dana Ashlyn…one can not put a price on the value of the memories she is able to capture.[Summer A.]

We love Dana and the work she does with our family. Dana is amazing withchildren and always captures such sweet expressions on our girls' faces. Sheis so personable and has such a natural, easy way of interacting that alwaysputs us and our girls at ease. Of course, her work is outstanding and shehas provided us with such valuable photographic treasures over the years.All of our family and friends also appreciate her expertise when theycomment on how beautiful our pictures are. Dana is creative, dependable,timely, attentive to details, and truly gifted in photography. We lookforward to many more sessions in the future![Marisa H.]

Dana is an absolute miracle worker!! Since he was getting a cold, my two year old son was a bit challenging during our family photo session. However, Dana worked her magic and I have absolutely beautiful portraits as a result. Her new studio is very comfortable, and the pace she set for our session was relaxing. I have dragged my family to the commercial portrait studios before, only to be extremely disappointed in the experience. I was completely impressed with Dana, her studio, her professionalism, and, of course, the portraits. I would highly recommend Dana, and I look forward to her capturing my family’s future moments on film.[Leigh Ann L.]

When we found out that we were expecting, we knew that we wanted to get newborn pictures taken. I was very nervous and uncomfortable about going to one of those retail chain photographers in the mall based on previous experiences. I always felt like I was rushed and it was very stressful and the pictures always seemed to turn out "ok"! I knew that this was not the route that I wanted to go with this new baby! I came across Dana's information and gave her a call! From the first contact that I had with Dana, I knew that this was who I wanted to take these pictures! I started talking with Dana a few months before the baby came and I felt like she was just as excited about the arrival of our little one as we were! When the day came for us to have the pictures taken, I was not sure what to expect! Realistically, when you are working with a 12 day old baby - anything can happen! From the moment we stepped into Dana's studio, we were welcomed and felt so at ease! Dana's personality and openness made us feel like we had known her for years - like she had been a part of our family! She had great suggestions and ideas for the photos, as well as listening to what we wanted! We were able to be silly and have a good time! We never felt rushed or stressed at anypoint in time! There were some times when the baby was naked for the pictures, and as luck would have it, the baby sprayed us! For a split second, I was horrified, thinking that Dana may be upset or scared that we may have messed up something! Instead, the "incident" was met with laughter and giggles and then a handful of paper towels! I was not sure how many "good" shots Dana was able to get when our session was done - but I did know that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences for our family! I figured that she maybe got a handful of really good shots! However, when we got the call to look at the proofs, I was absolutelyAMAZED at what we saw! I had told Dana that I didn't want those stale posed cookie cutter shots that you often get in the retail chains! I was really looking for her to capture "moments"! And what we ended up with absolutely took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes! Dana was able to capture those special, precious moments that our son was yawning, crinkling his nose, sleepily looking at us, bringing his precious hands to his mouth, laying on his big brother's lap, and sleeping with his little bum up in the air! It was so much more than I could have asked for! The hard decision I realized would be what pictures to choose! And, as we sat there looking at the proofs, we felt as if Dana was just as excited as we were! We felt as if Dana approached the time with us and our family as if she was looking at our family thru my eyes - a mother's eyes - and not looking at us as another appointment! We feel so blessed and lucky to have found Dana and we will continue to come to Dana for many years to come! We only want her to be the one to capture those special moments in our lives![Amanda J.]

Magnificent! “Miss Dana” has been capturing the energy and spirit of my family for almost 9 years. From pregnancy, to baby feet and hands, to birthday cakes and tea parties, to snaggletooth, to random mischief and fun – Dana has clicked them all. Dana’s art and passion is evident in every room in our home. Picture day can be stressful for parents – but with Dana, she has a stress-free energy that eases the children (and parents!) so they can relax and have fun. She is patient and innovative; through her lens, she sees the smallest moments that are the true essence of my kids and perfectly collects them on film. She has become part of our family, I wouldn’t think of trusting our pictures to anyone else!!![Leigh F.]

We were referred to Dana through a friend and are so grateful we found her! She took newborn pictures of our boy/girl twins and even at 5 weeks old she was able to capture each of their individual budding personalities. When you're in the trenches with a newborn (or twins in our case!) it's often difficult to take a step back and really appreciate how beautiful and amazing your little one's tiny fingers, toes and nose are. Dana's work has allowed us to look back and remember. She truly has the ability to capture that one “moment” that you and your family will always treasure. Her gift of photography has certainly been a blessing to our family and we look forward to the little moments Dana can capture for us in the future. [Sarah M.]

My daughter had so much fun at our recent photo session with Dana . It says alot that a two year old was so relaxed and comfortable that she actually loved getting her portraits made ! Her studio is in her home so your child instantly feels at ease . You walk in and feel like one of the family . When she breaks out the bubbles you know you are in good company . She has a fresh , modern approach to her work while capturing the essence of childhood . [Melissa A.]

Dana made an instant connection with my children the first time that she photographed them, and years later she has become like a part of our family! Dana as an incredible eye for photography - capturing unique angles, tiny details and natural expressions. Our walls are lined with her work which we consider beautiful 'art.' I love that she has captured the tender baby moments and sweet childhood innocence in gardens and in tutus; yet, she has equally captured our oldest child's blossoming personality in modern, urban shots. In-studio and on location, she engages our children to shoot the perfect photographs. Dana has captured so many moments-in-time that our family will always hold dear![Michelle L.]

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Dana. A friend referred me to her when I was pregnant and from our first phone conversation, I knew I would love her. Dana was so easy to talk to and so willing to accommodate exhausted and overwhelmed new parents when scheduling our newborn session. We have always felt like family in her studio and the proof is in her work. My daughter absolutely adores her and is always thrilled to go see Miss Dana. I have been nothing less than amazed at her kindness, patience and talent throughout every stage of my daughter's life over the past few years and I am so excited for her to capture even more of our family memories with the arrival of our son this summer. I wouldn't use anyone else![Kate O.]